I am a person who thinks a lot about the way our world is changing.

The direction society is going often irks me, and I am constantly looking for ways to make the most of our situation (even when I see plenty of negative aspects to it).

I would love to inspire enough interest and engagement to turn this into a forum for brainstorming solutions - exploring better ways to respond to a world in flux.

For me, speaking out against how things are going is about making things better - not getting fixated on the things we oppose. I want to envision a positive future we can band together for.  

We have all been through far too much disruption over the last few years to simply go back to the way things were. There is no point in believing that we will. Traumatic events change us, for better or for worse.  

We're going to have a new normal - but what should it be?

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Uncommon ideas, for interesting times.


Uncommon ideas, for interesting times.